2008 Campaign

Vote for Anthony Haslage
LCCC Student Senate President

Anthony Haslage is a Business Administration student at Kent State University with an overall 3.66 GPA. He currently holds an Associates of Arts degree and an Associates of Business Administration degree from Lorain County Community College and will graduate in December of 2008, with his Bachelors of Business Administration degree from KSU.

In 2004, Anthony unsuccessfully ran against the Student Senate President incumbent, Mark Layman. Since that time, Anthony has dedicated himself to improving the student experience at LCCC. While the student senate of any college holds no real power, the college administration appreciates the efforts made by students who attempt to make an unfair world at least a little bit fair while they are in college.

Authentic, Well-known, Efficient, Supportive, Outspoken, Motivated and Effective.

Thank you to all those who voted for me, I lost!

Elections will be held April 22 – 24, 2008. Lorain County Community College students can vote online at the school’s web site. University Partnership students can vote via paper ballot two ways. The first is at the University Partnership office on the first floor of the University Center building. The second is at the Student Life office on the second floor of the College Center building. Voting at either must be done during business hours.

The Timeline

  • Sp 1997 – City of Lorain Ward 6 City Council Candidate
  • Fa 2002 – Conceptualized LCCC Radio: The Duck
  • Fa 2002 to Sp 2004 – A writer/editor of the college newspaper, the Collegian. Created the Club Cache feature.
  • Sp 2003 to Sp 2005 – Oversees weekly community events at two locations in Lorain county.
  • Fa 2003 – Financial Secretary of the Radio Club.
  • Sp 2004 – Co-creator of the Creativity Club.
  • Sp 2004 to Sp 2005 – President of the Creativity Club. Quintupled club’s assets.
  • Sp 2004 – Writer/Host of Politically Crowded program aired on LCCC Radio: The Duck.
  • Sp 2004 – Student Senate Presidential Candidate.
  • Fa 2004 – Recipient of the “Who’s Who Among College Students in America Junior Colleges” Award.
  • Sp 2005 – Elected LCCC Student Senate Financial Secretary.
  • Fa 2005 – Recipient of the “Who’s Who Among College Students in America Junior Colleges” Award.
  • Sp 2006 – Elected LCCC Student Senate Vice President.
  • Fa 2006 – Repositioned as the LCCC Student Senate Financial Secretary, created and updated governing documents.
  • Sp 2007 – Co-chair of the Student Senate Election Committee.
  • Sp 2007 – LCCC Gamma Tau Sigma All-LCCC Scholarship Runner-up.

From the Candidate

As an exclusive feature to this web site, I figured I should give you, the voters, a little bit of enlightenment towards what I would like to do once in office. Below are a few ideas I have had over the years and obviously being in Student Senate is being part of a team, so while I can not guarantee everything I want to do will work for the entire Student
Senate, I will try my best to promote these ideas.

  • I would be open to the ideas of others and those who come up with ideas we use will receive credit. I am not sure in what manner, could be anything from some name recognition to items of interest.
  • A method should be created to involve more students in Student Life. Roughly 500 students get involved in the smallest of Student Life’s activities. Most students do not seem to know of the dances, free meals and such that are available from time to time. Let us not forget to mention the organizations for those with specific interests.
  • I want to make sure in the departmental moves that will begin in the summer of 2008, that Student Life, the Student Lounge and the organizations it houses still have homes when the moving is done. Over the course of the last three years, Student Life has been promised many good changes, but instead ended up with less space, a tighter budget
    and less means to accomplish some of its activities. I want to hold the college administration accountable for ensuring that Student Life gets most of what it was promised.
  • I want to introduce a plan to hold teachers and professors to a higher ethical standard. No more shall teachers or professors be permitted to force students to buy books the teachers or professors wrote themselves. Nor shall teachers or professors be permitted to ridicule and discriminate against students and in turn still expect to be respected.

The Student’s Concerns

Below are the concerns of students I have met while campaigning. Some of their concerns have already been met and set in motion by the college administration, others I will inquire about when I am elected.

  • Update and repair the Student Lounges.
  • Fix the Student Lounge ping-pong and pool tables.
  • Lower cafeteria prices and offer seafood and vegetarian options.
  • Standardize food preparation, food is often under or overcooked.
  • Online bookstore (Coming soon!)
  • Weather safety markers and signs (Coming soon!)
  • Emergency text messaging service. (Coming soon!)
  • New public announcement system.
  • Increase media advertisements for Student Life.
  • Re-establish to Student Discount Card program.
  • Add University Partnership undergraduate and graduate Student Senate positions.
  • More parking spaces.
  • Fumigate for pests and bugs in the plants around campus.
  • Remove dead shrubbery and plants around campus.
  • Provide year-round upkeep of the courtyard fountain.
  • Better promote events and activities happening in the Library.
  • Extend field house, fitness center and gym business hours and take fewer breaks.
  • Provide more advisers and counselors for each program.
  • Offer a paralegal program that is for credit.
  • Create a code of conduct explicitly for teachers and professors.
  • Emergency alarm (Coming soon!)
  • Quiet group and individualized study areas.
  • A 24-hour computer lab.
  • Student Judicial Committee
  • Includes student mediation.
  • Add multiple club awards, such as most-improved and most active.
  • ShinbokuCon 3 donation, at least $1,000.00 USD.
  • Provide greater incentives for students to become involved.
  • Incentives could include coupons, tickets, etc…
  • Update Student Senate documentation and web site.
  • Return of the discount card program.


  • Creativity Club
  • Sarah Perrigan-Layman, former LCCC Student Senate President/Vice President
  • Mark Layman, former LCCC Student Senate President

“I fully endorse your Student Senate Presidential run. You have the most experience and know the most about policy and procedure dealing with LCCC. As a former opponent of yours, my only concern was that you were the only one who might ever beat me. Good luck and I hope you finally get that seat I occupied for three terms. Go out with a bang and do what is best for the college. I completely support your campaign. Best wishes!”