Ntanel StormBlade Story: Part 2

Within a week, I had Knights expanded to nearly 100 members and changed the name to [KNIGHTS Inter-MUD]. In early March a bug on Dragon’Spire gave me and another staff member the highest level of command access. While I did nothing malicious, I did not report the bug and instead experimented with the commands. I was deleted from Dragon’Spire the next day as a result.

In late March, Distant Lands discontinued their support on UCMM due to miscommunications between the UCMM staff and one of the implementers. With loss came great gain.

In April UCMM gained seven MUDs to fill the place of Distant Lands and more. By this time [Knights] had been recommissioned on Perilous Realms and expanded to other MUDs. I had added [Knights], now [KNIGHTS Inter-MUD], to its original home online and the MiB, Men In Black, from Perilous Realms had joined UCMM online. With the updated graphics in this issue, the text version was removed temporarily. Also with this issue, UCMM also started to include help wanted advertising for MUDs with the regular advertising section. The SB was removed from the name to remain unbiased, but the StormBlade family continues being on UCMM.

In Mid April Fionn permitted that Knights, now [KNIGHTS Inter-MUD], can be a clan once again on Perilous Realms. I had assigned former member of Newbie Knights, Dakota, to lead the Perilous Realm branch of [KNIGHTS Inter-MUD]. With the help of Jon, the general manager of HELPERS, made a new set of rules and regulations for entry into [KNIGHTS Inter-MUD]. [KNIGHTSInter-MUD] headquarters can be found on UCMM ResortMUD.

In late April ’97, The clan “nOtHiNg mOrE”, co-created by current HELPERS General Manager Jon, was the second clan set out to remove me from Perilous Realms. It failed due to immortal interaction. It was not two weeks before Jon and I were both members of the Midgard Defense Corps. We worked together with many members of other clans to keep the Clan of DragonBorne Riders out of Midgard. Providing protection to all who needed it united the Knights of Perilous Realms and HELPERS with others in a common cause.

In the spring of 1997, a guy my girlfriend knew, the family dog, my grandmother and great grandfather died. They all died a week apart in the listed order. My grandmother and great grandfather died of heart failure, we had to put our dog to sleep (she was 14 years olde) and the guy my girlfriend knew, he committed suicide and blamed me in his death note. He said he loved a girl I was friends with and he assumed she was my girlfriend. He stepped in front of a train and ended it because his heart was broken and it was all my fault, he said. I think he should have asked her instead of assuming, he would have gone out with her if he asked, she liked him too and he never knew. With these events and work, I was away awhile from MUDding.

In May UCMM updated MUDs into two categories, UCMM MUDs and ALLY MUDs. UCMM is MUDs that have full advertising membership with UCMM that includes wizlists, clan lists and even a story. ALLY MUDs are MUDs that need a small amount of help that is just a listing in the advertising section and possibly a link. With this issue, TEXT versions of UCMM was created. Being easier to update, it would be updated more often. Also with this issue came seven more MUDs, making seventeen MUDs on UCMM. Fourteen full UCMM MUDs and three ALLY MUDs. By law, UCMM became a network homepage competing against other MUD advertising homepages. At this time, with the help of Magus and Josh from The Gate Keeper, I opened a MUD to run UCMM at called ResortMUD. My debut staff is listed below (Former MUD):

Ntanel StormBlade - Owner / Implementor
Kilokahn          - Implementor
Josh              - Guest Implementor
Magus             - Guest Implementor
Tagith            - Head Coder
Cyrodian          - Assistant Implementor
Erasmus           - Head Builder
Stoker            - Builder
Flash             - Quest Master
Puba              - Builder
Tsalin            - Master Builder
Miral             - Builder

The envisioned destiny of ResortMUD was to be a hub of operations for UCMM and to unite the MUDs of UCMM. It was also planned to be a new type of MUD. A MUD devoted to a resort atmosphere with little actual or traditional killing of mobs to gain experience or such to gain levels. That idea was to fail at most part. Instead it was devised to be both a traditional MUD and also to introduce MUDding innovations and bring forth an expanded ambassadorial program. This new ambassadorial program introduced not only representatives from MUD clans, but also from other MUDs.

In July, my wife Tarali died, in real life she quit MUDding. During our time together we had a son named Russell and a daughter named Mistymoon. Eventually Mistymoon was married to Zarel and they had Connor. You can check it out on the StormBlade’s section in the UCMM main menu for a family tree.

In August of 1997, it was be the one year anniversary of UCMM. Plans like a ResortMUD were just the beginning. We hope the future will be brighter and the beginning of the second year will be better. After the one year anniversary UCMM Staff began creating projects to simplify MUDowners lives. AEX Program, created by Shogar, is made to inport and export areas between code-bases. Oasis II, created by Tagith Rathborn, is made to be a supplementary OLC editor based on the original Oasis made for Circle.

In August through October UCMM grew to over thirty MUDs. In September UCMM created a trade agreement with the Merging Organization for a permanent site for ResortMUD. Also in September, ResortMUD started a homepage for news about the MUD and other topics such as building, coding and administration and UMRG and InetSolve signed a trade agreement with UCMM.

In September I disbanded Knights of Perilous Realms and merged the remaining members with the new B.o.C. led by Cyrodian. I was assigned the 3rd of Command position and was head of Security. I also married the former Head of Knights of The Gate Keeper and the Head of ResortMUD Mortal Council, Celeste Asalon.

In October UCMM became an official U.S. Government Non-Profit Organization and I became President of UCMM. Also in October, UCMM won it’s second and third awards for Graphic Design and being Informative from Netcom and Juno.

In late October Freedale, the UCMM test MUD for ResortMUD, was opened to test Oasis II and AEX, both in testing stage of development.

Late October I left B.o.C. to work more on UCMM and ResortMUD, but I still have some interaction with the B.o.C. at ResortMUD. The Security department at B.o.C. at Perilous Realms was disbanded and the members placed in other factions of the Blades Of Chaos.

November, the 13th was my 20th birthday. Just earlier I had assigned Yakkov to be Vice-President of UCMM and Cyrodian as head of ResortMUD Operations and Administration. Both UCMM and ResortMUD are going good at that point. Lets see what happens in UCMM’s 2nd year and my 6th year in MUding. On the 19th, H & H Electronics becomes Haslage Net Electronics.

December, IMC became the responsibility of UCMM and UMRG or the Unbias MUD Resource Group. I became World IMC Administrator and Scion became the World IMC Co-Administrator. We have hopes that the inclusion of IMC will bring the UCMM and UMRG MUDs together.

January of 1999, I decided to change the name of UCMM from United Clans and Multiple MUDsites to United Council of Multiple MUDsites. It had been a question I had struggled with for months since I stopped dealing with clans and Rachel of Chaotic Dreams solved it in 5 minutes. Also this month UCMM became an affiliate of the MUD Connector, I hope it will help everyone in some way.

Thru the year till our 3rd anniversary of UCMM in September, it was pretty same old same old. We had to move many times and got the new domain or ucmm.dhs.org. UCMM and UMRG also released IMC Gold in April, thanks to Shogar. Als during that time I learned to code the basics and have released multiple codes. Most known are SMAUG1.4 Revision 2 and IMC Gold Color.

This was my final player description!

                      N T A N E L    S T O R M B L A D E

Looking at this tall figure, you squint to protect your eyes from 
the light emanating from his body. You soon get used to the 
brightness of the light and realize that this tall figure has 
sandy blonde hair, lightly tanned and toned skin, green eyes and a 
buff exterior.  You inhale deeply and notice the scent of a sweet 
and pleasurable musk in the air.  As you reach out to touch the 
figure, you feel the intense heat of a being made up of auras both 
evil and good.  Touching upon the skin of the being, you are torn 
between thoughts of disobedience and loyalty.  The light around the
figure soon fades and appears Ntanel StormBlade, a god and prince 
of the kingdom of Cornith.

                      * @ President of MudWorld          *
                      * @ Co-Owner of Haslage Net        *