Ntanel StormBlade Story: Part 1

NOTE: All references to Yakkov Silverman have been changed to Kilokahn to reflect the passing of the name, Yakkov, to another individual.

I could give you a life story, but no one has 4 or 5 days to read it. A MUDding career story and the events that happened during my MUDding career may be more interesting.

H & H was originally Haslage and Harsa before it was Haslage and Haslage Electronics in the mid 80’s. We use to do odd jobs for the businesses and the elderly in this area. When we got into computers is when it became H & H Electronics. When we got into electronics, Harsa wanted no part of it and left. I had always been President, I had dropped the title in the late 80’s for being the Owner, which I was even when I was the President. After this change is where the story begins.

It was the spring of 1993 and my brother, Kilokahn, had just learned about the internet and a place where you could get a local account from, a place called the Lorain County Free-Net. When he first got the account, I was not very interested. I had a life and had just started high school, so I was quite busy with homework amongst other things, plus he was using a very slow and olde Commodore 64 with a 1200 baud modem and a warp speed cart.

School was out for the summer, some time in July, Kilokahn learned that the free-net allowed access to sites called MUDs. It was new to us, we were really into Nintendo and Sega. After a few days of exploring the MUDs the free-net offered, he showed me a MUD called Death’s Domain.

I spent most my waking hours playing Death’s Domain. Kilokahn and I divided computer use into 12 hour shifts. With the help of higher players, I eventually made it amongst the top players on the MUD.

At that point I decided that I could make the needed equipment and gold by offering my healing services to the masses in trades. Some people would pay me thousands of gold or items of value. The immortals even set-up an office built onto a safe area for me to provide my services without a treat of being killed.

During this time was the Great Domain War where I met Scorpion, he and I traded off as healers. By that time Scorpion had started Knights, he needed a third in command and I was now it. We fought most offensively so we would prevent too many losses. We would attack only when attacked or when there was something really big to gain. It was a fight of survival, the biggest clan runs the mortal population in safety.

After a few months, school had started again and I began tenth grade, so I was busy once again. The first time after a while I tried to get back to Death’s Domain and find that I had been deleted. All those levels I had were lost forever and more player wipes were to come. So I told Scorpion that I was going to look at another MUD called Perilous Realms.

The first day I was on Perilous Realms I was lost. The room descriptions alone were as large as the screen and I knew no one there. After a few hours of looking around I got use to the set-up. It had been a while since I had been MUDding steadily, so I had to learn some of it over.

When I was there during the first week, I met Decay of Helpers and Jobo of Vengeance Masters. Decay and Jobo helped me out greatly with experience and equipment. Within that same week I met my first MUD wife, Tarali. She was new to MUDding on Perilous Realms and we helped each other out and was married a short time later. All this was after a war with the DragonBorne Riders, some clans were now in battle to claim the land lost by Riders.

Tarali and I did not just come on the MUD to earn experience and other such things, we also talked about life in the real world. We helped each other out with opinion and options. At this time, in real life, I was sick constantly and my grandmother was having her own health problems. It was a great help talking with Tarali and I hope I helped her.

In early spring of 1994 I had to get surgery to remove my tonsils. It is a common procedure for most people, but for me, it almost ended my life. My tonsils were so bad, the hospital flew in a surgeon from the west coast of the United States to do the procedure. While in surgery, the surgeon cut the tonsils from the walls of my throat and they collapsed, then I started choking. The tonsils were so brittle and covered with mucus build-up that the weight caused the collapse. I had stopped breathing for just a minute before they cleared my throat and started my breathing again.

The estimated down time after a tonsillectomy is under a week. It took me nearly 3 weeks before I could swallow. The whole time I spent the nights with the air conditioner on and my head in a bucket to catch my drool. My day times were about the same as night, except I attempted to watch television.

When I felt I could swallow without a tear, the first solid food I wanted was bean burrito from Taco Bell. I could swallow the insides of the burrito, but the tortilla shell was not that easy to swallow, so I saved it until I could swallow it.

As soon as I could, I was back at Perilous Realms ready to go and I had decided to join a clan, it seemed to be the thing to do. So I became the apprentice to Decay of Helpers.

In September ’96, with the permission of the Knights franchise’s owner, Scorpion, Newbie Knights were created to make a home for the ‘outsiders’ of MUDding. The main goal was to give newbies a place to belong and to be educated in MUDding. The Knights boasted of free membership at any level and without prejudice and was a sub-clan of Helpers training potential members. While out on a mob hunt, I was separated and was lost. I found myself alone in a barn waiting for someone of high level to transport me back to the main city of Midgard.

Sitting for about ten minutes, waiting for someone I knew to enter the realm, I figured what he could do was to create a council of the neutral clans to make sure they do not end up in the clan wars.

After a bit of a wait Jobo came onto Perilous Realms and I contacted her to help me get back to Midgard. When she arrived to help me get home, I proposed to her a council that helps each member clan train potential members and handle affairs that may place a clan in the war. After a small session with Jobo she agreed to the idea.

Before long I had the council set up, with Jobo as Co-Founder, with Newbie Knights, now a full clan, Vengeance Masters, HELPERS, Apocolypse, Four Horsemen, Wardancers and Coffee Drinkers Anonymous. I called the council UCPR or United Clans of Perilous Realms. This also was the creation of the Inter-Clan Ambassadorial Program so clans could share knowledge with a representative in UCPR.

A problem that lied at hand was that there was too much freedom within the Newbie Knights. A member rebelled and creation of BlackSouls. Eidolon had set his clan’s goal to destroy his former clan, Newbie Knights. A clan cold-war between Newbie Knights and Black Souls lasted only a few months. Senior members of Newbie Knights had infiltrated Black Souls with spies from Knights. In no time, Black Souls roster was almost completely filled by undercover Knights. In less time than it takes to blow your nose, Eidolon had been informed of his members and in humiliation disbanded Black Souls.

UCPR was fully active till early December when I started having a mass member drive for Newbie Knights, now just Knights. The holidays had made the realm peaceful and clan confrontations were few.

In January ’97 (just after the holidays), after an investigation by Fionn and Deth; they found eleven members of Knights guilty of multiplaying. These members were instantly deleted, and Knights was ordered to disband. It was made clear after this investigation that all clan leaders will be held responsible for all clan members. Many members have moved onto other clans and a few have even started their own clans following the same rules as Knights deployed. Right after the Knights affair at Perilous Realms, I was hired at Dragon’Spire as a builder, with the help of Shinobu and Sadinea.

In mid January of 1997, I had lost Knights on Perilous Realms. I had just placed Knights Homepage on the internet and then removed it only two days later. The homepage was sponsored by my families business called H & H Electronics. Now only after a few days without Knights, I had an out of date homepage. To use up the empty space I added the StormBlade family, a family Tarali and I had joined, to fill the section that Knights used to occupy. The page was updated monthly with information on Perilous Realms clans. The pages name was even changed multiple times to fit the needs of the information I provided.

February, after periodic updates I wanted more. The page was blank to viewers due to the lack of graphics in its all text format. I went to MUDs I had played on and set up the first four advertising accounts, for free of course. The MUDs Perilous Realms, Death’s Domain, Dragon’Spire and Distant Lands were the first to join the expanded UCPR, now UCMM or United Clans and Multiple MUDsites. This update also was the introduction to HTML graphics to users and started the first newsletter.

Late February 97′, Scorpion, the owner of the Knights franchise, announced that he was leaving the MUDding world and that either his second in command, Luther or his third in command, myself, would take over ownership of Knights. After a week in deliberation, Scorpion decided that I knew what he was doing with Knights, even with the Perilous Realms ordeal in mind. At that point Luther decided to leave Knights, what happened to him is unknown.