Millennium Episodes

Episodes 1 through 18 are reviews of the past three DB series as remembered by the surviving friends and family.

Episode 1 : The Search Begins
Searching for the Dragonballs, Bulma and Goku meet.

Episode 2 : The Best of the Best
The World Martial Arts Tournament, will Goku win?

Episode 3 : The Red Ribbon Army
Goku and Gero battle one on one.

Episode 4 : King Piccolo is Kami?
King Piccolo appears and kills Krillin.

Episode 5 : Meet the Saiyans
Raditz, Vegeta and Nappa arrive.

Episode 6 : To Namek We Go
A trip to Namek to use the Dragonballs.

Episode 7 : The Ginyu Who?
Krillin and Gohan fight the Ginyu Force.

Episode 8 : Frieza’s Folly
Goku turns into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

Episode 9 : Garlic Jr. Returns
Garlic Jr. returns from the Dead Zone.

Episode 10 : The Saiyan from the Future
A Saiyan comes back in time to meet Goku.

Episode 11 : The Androids Attack
Androids reveal themselves to the Z Fighters.

Episode 12 : The Super Cell
Gero’s ultimate creation arrives to destroy Earth.

Episode 13 : Fight of the Dead
Enemies past and Goku fight in the afterlife.

Episode 14 : It’s A Bird, A Plane…
Local superhearo is revealed.

Episode 15 : The Majin Awakens
Buu who? Do not cry, it is only time to die!

Episode 16 : Goku’s a boy?
Goku is wished back to his youth by an evil force.

Episode 17 : Android Revival
Android #17 returns and is alot more powerful.

Episode 18 : Goodbye Goku
The death of our hero in his most noble of acts.

Episode 19 : Dearly Departed
Many years have passed, as well as some old friends.

Episode 20 : Next Generation
As the years wore on many new friends arrive.

Episode 21 : A New Millennium & DragonBalls
Peace all over the universe, new ties are made. Using the
Namekian Dragonballs, Dende is wished back.