Millennium Saga

Overview: We will go down the timeline visiting our heroes through their lives to update viewers of the multiple Dragonball series thus far. You will see some things you may remember as well as things you have missed which occurred between each series. We will then reveal the new things that have happened, passing of some characters as well as the birth of others. Stay turned to Dragonball M for more adventures!

Many years have passed since Goku’s death by the absorption of the Space Dragonballs. After that time we have seen the Briefs, Hercule, Ox King and many others we have known over the years pass on. Do not fear however, everyone died of natural causes and have moved on to a new dimension.

As time went on, many of our heroes have grown up, gotten married and had children of their own. There has been unprecedented peace throughout the universe. Earth now interacts with other races on a regular bases and has reached a new technological plane.

Gohan and Videl married and had a daughter named Pan. Goten and Bra married and had a daughter named Chiji. Trunks and Marron have begun a relationship that so far is doing quite well. Marron looks a lot like her mother, which is lucky for Trunks.

Krillin and Eighteen have had many years in a very loving marriage and now that Krillin is retired, he and Eighteen relax at the Kame House with Turtle. Turtle is very protective of Marron, just as he was with her namesake.

The Nameks offer Gohan and Krillin the use of their Dragonballs to wish Dende back. Dende creates new, more powerful Dragonballs and gathers them from around Earth to ensure he has them in case he needs to use them. This will also ensure the wrong hands do not get a hold of them.

Dende continues to be the Guardian of Earth, but now serves a higher purpose. The Lookout is used as a gateway between New Namek and Earth, thanks to new technology Bra and Bulma developed at Capsule Corporation. Dende is still one of Gohan’s best friends and they keep regular contact.

Mr. Popo and Buu have gotten along nicely and work to keep all the visitors of the Lookout happy. Buu moved to the Lookout after Hercule’s passing, he tried to live alone, but it did not appeal to him. The 31st World Tournament is approaching and Buu is unsure if he will attend now that Hercule is gone.

Bulma and Vegeta have learned to live with each others stubbornness. Vegeta has become President of Capsule Corporation after Trunks lost interest. Bulma felt he could do the job and she preferred to be more hands-on then lead employees and do paperwork.

Raditz and his son Radzu train daily with Vegeta. Vegeta believes that from almost anywhere a new threat can arise and that all Saiyans must be prepared. However, short of training sessions and the near yearly events with Gohan’s family, Raditz and Radzu keep to themselves.

Goku and ChiChi are finally together almost all the time in the other dimension. Goku rarely trains anymore, short of helping teach ChiChi to fly and some other of his favorite techniques. Piccolo and Pikkon constantly train and have become the other dimension’s most popular team of fighters. They have won nearly every team tournament they have attended.