Ice Episodes

Episode 1 : Frieza’s Offspring
An alien arrives and makes his appearance known.

Episode 2 : The First Attack
Ice destroys whole cities in search for Trunks.

Episode 3 : Saiyans All Around
Surrounded, Ice proves he is Frieza’s son.

Episode 4 : Instant Replay
Ice transforms and Gohan reflects about Frieza on Namek.

Episode 5 : No Where to turn
Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Vegeta find themselves powerless.

Episode 6 : The Dance of Unity
Gohan and Vegeta join to create a new Gogeta.

Episode 7 : Re-enforcements
Goten and Trunks join together as Gotenks.

Episode 8 : Silence At Last
Gogeta and Gotenks may have destroyed Ice.

Episode 9 : Not Again!
Ice returns and transforms once again.

Episode 10 : To the Third Power
Gogeta and Gotenks both power up to Super Saiyan 3.

Episode 11 : Deadlock
Ice, Gogeta and Gotenks are equal in power.

Episode 12 : Another Trick
Ice has a faster, more powerful final form.

Episode 13 : Getting Hairy
Gohan and Vegeta seperate, Vegeta turns Super Saiyan 4.

Episode 14 : Time and Age
Vegeta loses power quickly and is badly injured.

Episode 15 : Useless Barrages
Gohan and Gotenks continue attacking to no avail.

Episode 16 : A Shaking Planet
As the attack continues, C.J.’s fear causes her to change.

Episode 17 : A New Super Saiyan
C.J. transforms into the first Female Super Saiyan.

Episode 18 : Girl Power!
C.J.’s power equals that of her father, Goten. She joins the fray.

Episode 19 : No Girls Allowed!
Goten tries to talk C.J. out of fighting, however she is very good.

Episode 20 : Super Kamehameha
Gohan, Goten and C.J. use the Super Kamehameha against Ice.

Episode 21 : A Time to Heal
Ice is destroyed, now to wish everyone back who Ice killed.