Ice Saga

Overview: In space a new, but familiar power approaches. The alien soon arrives and begins destroying Earth in search for a Saiyan named Trunks. Once Trunks arrives, the alien reveals himself as Ice, the Son of Prince Frieza, nephew to Prince Cooler and Grandson of King Cold. His mission is to kill the man who killed his father, uncle and grandfather.

Trunks asks Ice how he knew he was the one who killed Frieza and Cold. Ice indicates that the fight was recorded and being transmitted into space towards an outpost controlled by Cold, before the ship was destroyed.

(On a note: Trunks did kill Frieza and Cold, but the Trunks of the alternate timeline which visited during the DBZ – Android Saga. Trunks know about his alternate self-visiting, told to him by his parents. How do you explain it was you, but not?)

Soon enough, Gohan, Goten and Vegeta soon arrive and all in Super Saiyan form. Ice cackles gleefully and begins his attack. Ice soon realizes he is out matched and then transforms. Gohan and Vegeta are reminded of Frieza on Namek many years ago.

Totally outmatched Gohan and Vegeta form a new Gogeta. After a struggle and no ground being gained, Goten and Trunks once again join together as Gotenks. Attacking together they blast Ice dead on target. The smoke lifts and no longer can Ice be seen or his power level be felt.

Suddenly, a large explosion occurs and hurls the fused Super Saiyans a good distance away. They realize Ice is back and reappear on the scene to catch another one of Ice’s transformations.

Ice attacks again, this time his moves are both faster and more painful to those who got in the way. Gogeta and Gotenks push the limits by going Super Saiyan 3. The fight becomes another deadlock, no one has any advantage.

Gohan and Vegeta’s fused form becomes too much to maintain and they separate. Vegeta decides on a solo attack and reaches Super Saiayn 4. Vegeta alone attack Ice and for a short time has an advantage. Soon, Vegeta notices he is losing power and realizes he never accounted for his age and declining power into any factors of keeping the fused or Super Saiyan forms. Ice knocks Vegeta out and scoffs at his weakness.

Gohan and Gotenks keep up the onslaught against Ice and are slowly losing ground gained by Vegeta. The Earth shakes like never before as the ground crumbles, floods occur and skies turn black. It makes the events during the Cell Games seem like a light rain. Gotenks eventually divides back into Goten and Trunks, due to loss of power.

At Capsule Corporation we find Bulma, Bra, C.J., Videl and Pan huddling together in the basement for shelter. Krillin, Eighteen, Marron and Turtle soon arrive and ask Bulma if they could stay. The Kame house had been flooded by the tidal waves.

The quakes become more frequent as the battle progresses. Everyone quietly sits and wonders to himself or herself when it will end. C.J.’s power level begins the swell and Krillin picks up on it quickly.

Turning to C.J., Krillin asks if she is ok, she replies with a “NO! I am so afraid, yet I have the overwhelming feeling I should be out there helping.” At that moment, C.J.’s power level explodes and her hair turns a golden yellow, her eyes turn green and blue lightning swarms around her body. The rush of power pushes everyone in the room against the walls. C.J. flies out the door to the battle.

Arriving at the battle, C.J. attacks Ice without question. As soon as Goten realizes who she is, he tries to encourage his daughter to go home. She insists she can help and ignores his request. She again approaches Ice and seems to be able to damage him more critically then anyone else could.

Feeling Ice has been weakened enough, Gohan tells Goten and C.J. to prepare to use the Kamehameha Wave. Goten and C.J. begins to power up, Ice realizes this may be his last chance to kill Trunks and creates a Tracer Disc to attack Trunks. No sooner then Ice releases the Disc attack his father once used against Goku, did Gohan power up, touch his hands to Goten and C.J.’s and launch the Super Kamehameha Wave attack.

A power never felt before in any attack slowly pushes its way across the sky to the distracted Ice, who is controlling his Tracer Disc. Just as Trunks was no longer able to outrun the Disc, Ice is hit with the Super Kamehameha Wave and is destroyed. The Tracer Disc loses control, hits the ground, explodes and leaves a large crater where a mountain once stood.

Feeling weak, C.J. slowly falls as she loses power and is caught by her father, Goten. Gohan destroys Ice’s ship, which is in orbit around the Earth, by using a Kamehameha Wave. Trunks picks up his Father, Vegeta and everyone heads back to Capsule Corporation.

The next day at the Lookout, Gohan and Dende wish back all those killed by Ice. A second wish is made to ensure no one outside of the battle on Earth knew the outcome of Ice at the end of the fight. This will ensure no one else will try to avenge the death of an Icer again.