Final Saga

Overview: Many years have passed and another World Tournament has begun. Goku II (Pan’s grandson) and Vegeta II (C.J.’s grandson) compete in the final round of the tournament. One of the most hyped matches in tournament history, Hercule Stadium is packed. Pan and C.J. attend the event together.

Goku, in the Other World, seeing the potential outcome has requested permission to see the final round and is granted to do so. Chi-chi does not feel like attending, so Goku goes alone. Finding an open seat, Goku watches his great, great grandsons progress to the final round.

As Goku expected, Goku II and Vegeta II have made the final round. The cousins have no reservations about going all out and they both become Super Saiyans.

While watching the fight, Pan notices someone across the stadium who looks alot like her grandfather, Goku. Telling C.J. she would be right back, Pan approaches the Goku look-alike. Goku realizes it is Pan approaching him and a stipulation to his visit is he not associate with anyone he knows, so Goku uses instant transmission to leave the event.

So ends DragonBall Millennium with Goku’s prospective on the ending originally in DragonBall Grand Tour.