Bloodlines Saga

Overview: On the other side of the universe are a set of twin sisters. Descendants of the former Saiyan royal family, these sisters parents were killed in a civil war when King Vegeta gained power, backed by Frieza.

King Vegeta forced Negi into marrying him to merge the royal bloodlines. Negi soon learned to love her new husband and later presented him with a son. Negi’s sister, on the other hand, Okura was not interested in being married to a stuck-up royal.

Saiyan royalty prohibits marrying a commoner. Okura, against the will of King Vegeta, married a low class fighter named Bardock and soon was to bare her first child.

Negi tried to convince her husband, King Vegeta, not to punish Okura because love draws no lines based on blood. Vegeta would not hear of such a thing and ordered the exile of Okura once the child was a day old.

Raditz was born and only a day later was Okura forced to leave the planet. Queen Negi fought to keep her twin sister on the planet, but to no avail. After a long argument and in protest, Negi left to live with her sister.

Against the will of King Vegeta, Bardock would take trips to the planet where his exiled wife lived. Years passed and Bardock was a very devoted husband to his exiled wife and also helped care for her sister. Okura did produce two more sons for Bardock. Only hours after their births, roughly a year apart, Negi arranged for the children to be transported to Planet Vegeta where they could live the lives of true Saiyans.

Bardock’s eldest son, Raditz, was raised to work under Prince Vegeta and capture planets for Frieza. Bardock’s two youngest sons were sent off into space when they were prepared for the task of taking over the planets they were sent off to.

After nearly dying at the hands of a psychic race of beings, Bardock is returned to Planet Vegeta by his crew so he can heal. He soon realizes that Frieza has alterior motives for the Saiyans and that his youngest son will rid the universe of Frieza’s evil.

After losing his crew to Dodoria’s team of elite fighters, Bardock escapes to warn the Saiyans of Frieza’s intentions, but to no avail. Watching from a distance, Cooler notices a pod leaving the planet, but finds its inhabitant to be no threat, simply a baby. Bardock and everyone on Planet Vegeta are killed by Frieza.

The next day Prince Vegeta is alerted of the situation and is told only he, Nappa and Raditz are the only Saiyans left after an asteroid destroyed Planet Vegeta.

Unknown to Frieza was the existence of Queen Negi and her sister Okura on a far off planet. Zeka began to wonder why Bardock had stopped his visits, which were rather regular. A year had passed and both Negi and Okura wondered of the fate of their husbands. Gathering all the funds they could, they bribed their way onto an interstellar ship which passed through Saiyan space.

Nothing but debris was left where once Planet Vegeta had been. Deeply saddened, the sisters returned home and using what communication they had with other races, attempted to track down other Saiyans.

Years pass and finally someone responds to the question sent forth by the Saiyan Queen. A scientist on Planet Yardrat reports that many years ago a Saiyan named Goku had landed there. He was a powerful man and during his stay Goku was taught a technique which takes most Yardrat citizens years to perfect, but Goku learned it in less then a year.

The scientist also states that Goku mentioned that he and his son living on a planet called Earth. Unknown, as to who Goku is exactly, the sisters again save up and take a trip to Earth. They are unsure what they will find, but being in exile for so long, that have the uncontrollable need to be with other Saiyans.

Playing a game at the terminal in Capsule Corporation, Bra notices a bleep appearing from the screen to the left. The information only states that an alien craft has entered the inner galaxy and is directed towards Earth.

Worried, Bra alerts her parents, who are arguing about Bra’s time on the computer when she should be working, that a ship is coming in fast. Vegeta and Bulma run the terminal and are unable to identify the craft via radar, but once it got close enough to Earth, Vegeta could identify the craft from a telescope. It was a craft he had not seen since he worked for Frieza so many years ago. The craft was an old Icer cargo ship.

Alerted by what Vegeta said was the design of the ship, Bulma contacts Trunks, Gohan, Goten and Radzu. The Saiyans arrive just as the ship reaches the atmosphere of Earth. The ship breaks through the atmosphere and begins to slow before it lands in a far off desert.

Everyone who has gathered at Capsule Corporation climbs into one of Bulma’s shuttles and flies to the landing site. The shuttle reaches the ship just as the door opens. The shuttle lands and kicks up a lot of dust. As the dust settles, two cloaked figures walk out of the ship as well as a larger, cloaked figure.

Looking at what seems to be a watch, the larger, cloaked figure flies off into the distance. Queen Negi and her sister Okura immediately notice Vegeta and realize who he is. Queen Negi runs to her son, Vegeta, and gives him a hug, this upsets Bulma and confuses everyone else.

The women remove their hoods to reveal themselves. Vegeta remembers the women, but it has been so long. As with many Saiyan males, he was raised without seeing much of his mother, but then again she was exiled with her sister.

A tear comes to Vegeta’s eye when he realizes who the women were. He introduces them to his friends and family as Queen Negi, his mother, and Okura, her twin sister.

Okura asks Vegeta if he knows where she may find Bardock or her sons. Vegeta realizes now that if Okura is his aunt, that his rival for all these years, Goku, was his cousin. That means the legacy of the Super Saiyan flowed in the royal bloodline which Goku and his children possess as well as Vegeta and his children.

Realizing that these women are their grandmothers, Goten and Gohan hug Okura while Radzu shakes her hand. Trunks hugs Negi and says, “You have to meet Bra and Marron”. Negi states that they will all have plenty of time for meeting people once her and Okura get settled in from their long journey.

Raditz arrives home to see a note left by Radzu. The note explains that Radzu, his cousins and the Brief’s went to meet a ship coming to Earth. Raditz figures he would join the others at the landing area, just incase they need help. Raditz departs and flies towards where he can sense the energy of the other Saiyans.

Flying past Korin’s Tower, Raditz notices someone flying up towards the Lookout. Raditz follows the person, figuring it may be one of the boys. Upon landing at the Lookout, Raditz hears shouting. It seems that Mr. Popo, Buu and Dende have an intruder. Flying towards the location of the shouts, Raditz notices a large, cloaked figure taking the Dragonballs. The large figure charges towards the exit throwing Ubuu and Raditz out of the way, he then flies off at an incredibly fast speed.

Revived by Dende, Raditz and Ubuu attempt to give chase but can not locate any energy from the visitor. Raditz then senses those at the landing party and he and Ubuu take off towards that location.

Arriving to what seems to be a joyous reunion, Raditz and Ubuu land and report to Vegeta what has just occurred. Vegeta inquires if the figure they saw was a large cloaked being. Raditz and Ubuu agree and Vegeta asks Bulma if she has the Dragonball Radar since no one seems to be able to locate the cloaked being’s energy. Bulma discloses that Dende has had the radar since he used it to find the Dragonballs. Vegeta corals everyone into Bulma’s shuttle and they travel to the Lookout.

While in the shuttle, Raditz thinks to himself that he knows one of the women. Remembering back, Raditz recalls he has seen the woman a few times while visiting a planet with Bardock in his youth. The woman has aged, but she still generally looks the same, it is unmistakable.

Raditz asks Vegeta who the women are and Vegeta replies, “The one on the left is the Queen of the Saiyan race, my mother, Negi. The one on the right is your mother, Okura.” Unsure how to react, Raditz bows before the women. Realizing the women look similar in a few ways, Raditz asks the women if they are related. The women reply they are twin sisters. This shocks Raditz and he quickly makes the connection between his family and Vegeta’s.

Arriving at the Lookout, everyone unloads from the shuttle. Bulma asks Dende for the Dragonball Radar, Dende approves and asks Mr. Popo to get it for Bulma. Mr. Popo walks into the Lookout and retrieves the radar, returns and then gives it to Bulma. Bulma hands the radar to Gohan and he uses the radar to locate the Dragonballs. Vegeta, Raditz, Radzu, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Buu fly off to where the Dragonball Radar indicated the Dragonballs were.

On their approach towards the Dragonballs, the sky turns dark. Far ahead of the group a light appears and then the Eternal Dragon, Shenron, is revived. The weather becomes fierce and the wind is pushing against the group, slowing them significantly.

The voice yells out, “Shenron, I summon you to grant my wish! I wish for eternal youth and great power!” Shenron replies, “Your wishes have been granted. Fare thee well.” Shenron disappears in a blinding light and the dragonballs rise into the air and scatter across the globe. The light of day returns as the clouds disappear.

The group lands infront of the cloaked figure and asks who he is. The cloaked figure removes his covering to reveal himself as King Vegeta. King Vegeta explains that he was on Frieza’s ship when the Planet Vegeta was distroyed. Frieza had knocked him out and thinking he was dead, dropped him into a refuse bin. On Planet Frieza the refuse bin was emptied and King Vegeta, barely alive, was found by a soldier still loyal to him. The soldier took King Vegeta to a healing chamber and helped him escape the planet in disguise.

After multiple trips around the universe, King Vegeta hears a rumor about magical balls that grant wishes. King Vegeta decides to find the strange planet in which the balls exist. On his travels King Vegeta reaches his wife’s planet, he finds she has left for Earth. King Vegeta decides to take a transport to Earth and as soon as the transport lands, he goes on a search for the balls.

King Vegeta soon admits he has a reason for traveling for so long and far. He wishes to take back those planets Frieza took from him and no one can stop him. King Vegeta flies off and finds the ship in which his wife had arrived in, taking off on his mission for universal domination. The group gives chase in Bulma’s shuttle, but King Vegeta is too fast for them.

Bulma suggests that everyone get prepared to chase King Vegeta into space. Vegeta gives everyone 15 minutes to get prepared or else be left behind. Fifteen minutes has passed and everyone piles into the spaceship. The ship blasted off into space and after three days had no luck in finding King Vegeta.

Dende contacts Gohan telepathically telling him that someone has landed on New Namek and used the Dragonballs to make wishes. Dende discloses the content of the wishes are unknown, but fears they could be bad. Gohan asks Vegeta if he was his father, what would he wish for. Vegeta thinks a few minutes and says he would wish for Planet Vegeta being renewed. Bulma then plots a course for where Planet Vegeta once existed.

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