DragonBall Millennium

The story of DBM takes place before and after the conclusion of the Grand Tour series. Gohan, Goten and their children are the main characters. The series will encompass many new characters, bring back some old ones for guest appearances and introduce the first female Super Saiyan.

FUNimation, Toei and Toriyama have nothing to do with the creation process as far as scripts and the series are concerned. Asking them for information simply may be ignored or directed back to us. To state it very simply, this is a fan fiction piece that tries to very closely follow the original stories by Toriyama.

There are no plans to approach any authorities over the property and if there were FUNimation, Toei and Toriyama would be amongst the first propositioned to receive the product for thier use, to legally procure and release it how they see fit. This series is entirely written in the United States and is edited during creation to prevent any offensive materials from being released. Stories and information are posted as they become available!

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