Basic Knowledge 101

Basic Knowledge 101 is an elective course designed for new high school students to both refresh them on topics that they may have previously covered in grade school as well as discuss topics that they should be aware of as young adults. Each session is 50 minutes in length and will cover a number of different topics. Prior to the second session, all students must submit a signed permission form from a parent or guardian as some of the content of this course may be considered controversial.

This course is not designed to indoctrinate students into any methodology. Rather, its purpose is to inform and prepare them for the world outside of grade school. One of the most jarring things for students to experience when moving into a larger group of people, such as high school or college, is their exposure to ideals that they may have never had any prior knowledge.

It is encouraged that parents and guardians attend these classes with their child. Not only will their attendance benefit their child, it will bring a better understanding of diversity to all who attend each class via the sharing of one’s ideals. For those who cannot attend with their child, it is recommended that they take the time to discuss these topics with them and share their ideals.

Planned Topics:

Banking (Accounting/Budgeting) – Students will learn about establishing a bank account as well as some basic accounting and budgeting skills. A local bank representative will be on hand to provide information to students on checking and savings accounts as well as other financial instruments.

Internet & Social Media (Communications) – Students will learn that while the Internet is a great tool for communication, entertainment and general socialization, it is also a place for criminals. Students are encouraged to bring their mobile devices so that they may learn how to protect themselves on the largest social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter).

Drug Resistance (Criminal Justice) – Students will learn a brief history of some of the most abused narcotics, some legal and others illegal. From the side effects to the financial and legal ramifications of illicit drug use, students will learn to just say no.

Firearm Awareness (Criminal Justice) – Students will learn a brief history of guns and an explanation of the second amendment of the United State Constitution which states a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. A police officer will be on-hand with a handgun and rifle, both disabled for safety, to explain the proper handling of a firearm.

Gender & Sexuality (Sociology) – Students will learn that one’s gender and sexuality is not set in stone. From heterosexuality to homosexuality and beyond, students will become aware that there is a lot more to people than just what is seen.

United States Politics (Political Sciences) – Students will learn a brief history of the United States’ current and former major political parties. An overview of the nation’s minor political parties will also be provided.

United States Cultures (Sociology) – Student will briefly learn about the different major cultures (African-American, Asian [Chinese, Japanese & Korean], European [Western/Eastern], Hispanic & Middle Eastern [Hebrew & Muslim]) that make up the United States.

World Religions (Theology) – Students will briefly learn about the origins of the major western religions (Christianity, Islam & Judaism) as well as a quick overview of the major eastern religions (Buddhism, Hinduism & Taoism).