Welcome to Ntanel/Tony’s Homepage.  My name is Anthony R. Haslage.  In case you were curious, Ntanel and Tony are the same person.  For the first twenty years that I was on the Internet, I was strictly Ntanel StormBlade.  I was paranoid about people getting my private information and doing mean things with it.  Well, that did not stop them.  I have been a victim of hacking, but I recovered.  My credit card number has been stolen twice, but luckily most of my money was returned.

By the late 2000s, it was no longer a stigma to be a gamer and be known by your real name.  That encouraged me to shed my anonymity since it was not really helping anyway.  Since then I have been an advocate for gamers’ rights.  I have had discussions with media companies about fair use and the right of fans to be fans within reason.  I have been invited to speak on the topic of gamers’ rights now and again.  I even plan gaming events through Games – Ohio.

I am not gaming all of the time.  I have other interests including politics and writing.  It just happens that everything I do can be incorporated into gaming.  I can write about games, fight for gamers, teach game-related law and play games.

Enjoy the site.