Website moved to WordPress!

After years of independent website hosting, we have moved to WordPress. It is simply a matter of cost. HNE, the family website that hosted this page, as an entity is entirely not profitable. No one has made any money from HNE in years. In fact, the act of paying for web hosting and the renewal of a web domain each year costs more than HNE earns. This move is meant to reduce the annual costs to simple domain renewal.

Other than the move, the website is pretty much the same. I did tweak a little of what was on the menu bar and tossed some social media on the footer. As always, feel free to contact me if you find any errors.




Welcome to Ntanel/Tony’s Homepage.  My name is Anthony R. Haslage.  In case you were curious, Ntanel and Tony are the same person.  For the first twenty years that I was on the Internet, I was strictly Ntanel StormBlade.  I was paranoid about people getting my private information and doing mean things with it.  Well, that did not stop them.  I have been a victim of hacking, but I recovered.  My credit card number has been stolen twice, but luckily most of my money was returned.

By the late 2000s, it was no longer a stigma to be a gamer and be known by your real name.  That encouraged me to shed my anonymity since it was not really helping anyway.  Since then I have been an advocate for gamers’ rights.  I have had discussions with media companies about fair use and the right of fans to be fans within reason.  I have been invited to speak on the topic of gamers’ rights now and again.  I even plan gaming events through Games – Ohio.

I am not gaming all of the time.  I have other interests including politics and writing.  It just happens that everything I do can be incorporated into gaming.  I can write about games, fight for gamers, teach game-related law and play games.

Enjoy the site.

A Little Bit About Me

I was born in Lorain, Ohio during 1977, and have basically lived in or around the same city all my life. There was a year where I lived near Akron, but that was while I was away at college. In the years that I have been alive, the city has grown very little due to the fact that a recession has killed much of the industry here. It is now said that the unemployment rate is at an all time low, mostly because people got sick of being unemployed and decided to move away.

A few actors, such as Martin Moll (Roseanne & Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and a famous writers, such as Toni Morrison, have lived in or around this city at one point. The family Silverman stopped here for a few generations in between moving from New York to California. I should know, my grandmother was a Silverman. The Silvermans included Beverly Sills, Fred Silverman, Jonathan Silverman, Sarah Silverman and Laura Silverman, all which are involved in the entertainment business. Other parts of my family stretch back to the 1700’s in this area. I have been told that we are related to Ulysees Simpson Grant and some native American tribe on my paternal grandmother’s side of the family.

My father, Russ Haslage Jr. is the President of the International Federation of Trekkers (IFT), the official Gene Roddenberry fan organization. Gene Roddenberry co-created IFT with my father back in 1984. He is amongst the top people in the Star Trek universe. They say that if you never heard of Russ Haslage, then you do not really know much about Star Trek. My mother is a lead shift nurse, LPN first class, at a local nursing home. If you want to learn more about me, please utilize the links on the sidebar and welcome to my website.

The First Step

The first step is trying not to fall.  After that is the second step.  After about ten-thousand steps, you are an expert.  Does this mean anything?  Nope.  I am just throwing something on this blog because it looks boring.  I needed to make an account so that I could manage other things.

This website is just a holder for my WordPress content so that I can find it all easier.  You can find my official personal website by either floating over “Home” in the menu above or visiting  Otherwise, if you are still interested after the above, you can find my stuff all nestled together on Haslage Net Enterprises at